Time: 23:43 | Size: 209mb (Full) | 87mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 40 | Pics: 200
Gianna has true potential for earning the coveted title of "Cumslut". This bitch drinks cum from a dog bowl -- and likes it! You won't see this shit anywhere else. Her fucking huge F cup tits are ginormous -- they swallow a cock whole (as does her mouth)! Talk about titanous tits, massive mammaries, bigguns breasteses! Bow wow, bitch!
Time: 22:37 | Size: 204mb (Full) | 83mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 40 | Pics: 200
Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. You should change your name to Jizzgobbler. You think the other girls like cum, this girl LOVES it. The only thing that rivals her love of hot sperm are fudgcicles, so when she asked to have a load of cum all over her fudgcicle, we obliged. This bright blue-eyed whore gobbled up every last bit of chocolate-covered sperm in sight.
Time: 22:18 | Size: 201mb (Full) | 82mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 40 | Pics: 200
Despite her geeky glasses, Erika proves that she's sucked a ton of cock in her young lifetime. This slut gets on her knees in record time and sucks away, all with a smile on her face and giggles on her lips. It's not long before she jerks hot sperm all over her face and spectacles, what a mess! This geekslut eats l33t j1zz, d00d!
Time: 23:17 | Size: 205mb (Full) | 86mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 40 | Pics: 200
Trixi wasn't wearing any panties when she came in, and she was quick to show us her pussy. I think she likes to show it off. Soon after, she was sucking cock and balls. She even slides her cunt up and down his hard cock, showing off her tattoo. After a while she's forcing sperm all over a plate with her furious fist -- then proceeds to eat Filet Mig-Jizz for dinner!
Time: 18:41 | Size: 169mb (Full) | 69mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 30 | Pics: 200
Naudia sneaks off to the Bathroom but we found her masturbating instead! (Kinky bitch!) She starts sucking cock while she's still sitting on the toilet. Ropey jets of jizzum squirt all over Naudia's pretty face, and after she's cleaned up with a tissue, she starts licking cum out of the tissue to see how it tastes!
Time: 19:48 | Size: 179mb (Full) | 73mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 35 | Pics: 200
Deja surprises us with her skills when a Cumslut competitor doesn't show up... and puts herself in the running! Deja may just be the next Cumslut Queen with her amazing cock sucking capabilities and intense gross out factor. This sick bitch takes a load in her mouth and then spits it in a cup... and snow balls it enough times to make me gag. You'll love it!
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Sydney pulls the slutty schoolgirl Cumslut act off like a true Cumslut pro! She must have received direct schooling from CJ herself at the Cumslut College for Whores (tm). Not only can Sydney suck a mean cock, but she can read and write too! After our man shoots his load on a textbook, Sydney drinks it down as if it were a tequila shot! Ahh, the college years.
Time: 16:24 | Size: 148mb (Full) | 60mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 30 | Pics: 200
Tangerine doesn't call herself that based on the size of her tits, otherwise she'd be named Watermelon or Cantaloupe at least. This bitch's tits almost rival Gianna's, as do her cum-sucking skills. Tangy sucks this guy off in broad daylight, but the whore is a little quick to swallow his sperm, eliminating her chance at being named *the* Cumslut.
Time: 17:54 | Size: 162mb (Full) | 66mb (56k) | 2mb Clips: 30 | Pics: 200
Kelly Dee here has true Cumslut potential. She knows how to suck cock, deep throat, deep throat AND lick balls, and even plays with her cum like a good little bitch. Next time she needs to blow a guy who cums more and doesn't moan like such a pussy though. Kelly has the most amazing pussy (with bonus clit ring) and a sweet, sweet ass.
BowWow Cum Double Load Finger Lickin' Deep Throat
The original Cumslut shows off just how she gained the title, from dog bowl
cum licking, to reeses pieces with a dollup of jizz, she wrote the book
on cumplay! Check out her extensive archive of pics and videos.


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